I love creating transformative websites & remarkable brands that leads with purpose, sparks intrigue and cultivates community while conveying your unique style & message with flair.


Hey there, I'm Sasha-Shae a Visual Design Strategist that helps creative professionals to strategically brand and build their business. I also love writing on ministry & mission, and natural beauty + lifestyle. When I'm not doing those, I'm typically crafting, creating, reading, writing, singing a tune or learning something new, and always seeking new adventures.


What I do


Craft Stunning Brands & Websites

I love creating brands and websites that help creative professionals showcase their value and expertise, visually tell their stories, and impact the world with purpose and

Love316 Mission

Ministry focused blog, sharing the journey of a young Christian and a message of hope, grace and Jesus

Shae Speaks Podcast

Just me sharing my voice about all the things I want to chime in about, from life, to design tips and everything in between


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